If you have a scar under your feet…

There are two possibilities- natural scar and wound scar. If it is  a man, he is destined to excel in business. He would be successful in running any business. He would become rich although he is born in utter poverty. On the other hand, if it is found in a woman, she is so passionate and emotional. She would be bold and out going. She tends to give more attention to his emotions than thoughts. She acts on impulse. She would be notorious for her adulterous behaviour. It’s very likely that she would become a slut.

In case a would scar happens in a man, he would excel in agriculture and planting. He would be close to nature. He would be hardworking and simple. He would eat from the sweat of his forehead. However he may marry a woman with opposite inclinations. Thus he would lead a miserable family life. If such a scar found in a woman, she would be a contented house wife. She would be a faithful one. She is an introvert.

In marriage if a man with scars on the feet, natural for man and would for woman, their marriage would be successful one. If it is the opposite their relationship would be broken.


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