Aspiration to articulate arises from apathy;

bizarre birds and beautiful blooms boost it;

Curious creeds, cries and creaks create it;

Depressed deeds, delighted dolls, and dreams deface it;

Exaggerated experiences and erudite egos elevate it;

Fabricated failures and fathomed formula frustrate it;

Gorgeous girls and gusty guys giggle it;

Hostile houses and huge halls hallucinate it;

Induced inspirations and impressions of infants immortalize it;

Just judges and jovial jupiter jeopardize it;

Kinetic kicks and killed kids kink it;

Lamentations of ladies and lures of liars lessen it;

Mesmerized mermaids, mummies and mammoths migrate it;

nostalgia, nuptials, naps, and notions of nature nurture it,

prejudiced prayers and polite politicians popularize it,

Questioning quab and queer of queens qualify it;

Restless roach, roaming reeds, and rare rings ramify it;

Silence, sleeps, solos, soothsayers and seers sublimate it;

Toddlers, Tongue Twisters and teachers torture it,

Unremarkable understanding and ugly usurp urges utopianism into it,

Voracious vices and virgin virtues vivify it,

Wicked witches, wide windows withstand it,


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