Stunning Sitharaam

‘Ah, it’s February, only two more months to go’ I thought to myself as I sat in the class one Thursday afternoon. I couldn’t wait to go to my native and hang out with my friends I thought dreamily. Then the creak of the door interrupted my day dream. A shiver went up my spine. It  was Mr. Ojha, our chemistry sir and with him was every students’ nightmare, ‘Answer papers!!’. He sat on the chair and placed the papers on the table. I gulped, I was shivering all over like some took me to Artic with me in my underwear.

He read out the names, Ravi, Anand, Prasad. All of them came shivering and most walked away with a beating. Then ‘Sitharaam” a name came, okay it is my name but it sounded like it came from hell. I slowly got up and walked towards sir. ‘Thirty seven marks’ he barked. Right, I know it’s not impressive because it is 36/90 not by 50.

A slap, a beat, a rock, a jazz came like a tone that formed music. Then came a bunch of teachers, all with answer papers. I felt scared, I hadn’t dared to speak up. I felt horrible that day for my stupid mark. I was bright in English while I had fused in maths.

That day when I reached home, I locked myself in my room. I sat on my bed, I felt tears and I wept and got a headache for which I slept. At about 3  AM I got up. I walked around my room and I realized that I should work hard to get an A1 grade in my upcoming CBSE Board exam. I had to show my class that I was a ‘Super Sitharaam’ and not a ‘stupid Sitharaam’.

Next day was a ‘Marvelous Tuesday’ for me. I went to school carrying a lump on my head. ‘Lumb of joy’ of course. I was bright that day and I figured out that being a studious fellow was much better than playing a video game for 5 hours. That’s how I transformed from ‘Sounding Sitharaam’ to ‘Silent Sitharaam’ from stupid to start. And watch me in 10th grade how I will be a wanted guy for studying…


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