Can anybody clean India?

The other day, I was travelling from one city to another in a bus. The bus halted for a meal. I got down and I found most of  the male passengers moved to an open area to urinate. I also joined them. It was stinking. I thought it is Swatch Bharat ! India won’t be clean unless Indians change their mentality. We are so acquainted to our typical Indianess-public property is not my property. There are two reasons to it- our careless towards cleanliness- thank god our temples and churches are  so clean.But we don’t know cleanliness is godliness.

Dirtiness is our second nature. We dispose waste either human or artificial to the public place. We think that open space is meant for that. In our cities, wherever there is an open space, people would fill it with urine and filth. We are too stingy to spend  money to urinate and defecate. But we spend a lot of money for food. The one who knows how to spend money for food doesn’t know how to spend money for the waste generated by the food consumption.

We make our surrounding dirty because we don’t know the value of nature and its beauty. First of all we don’t care for others. Human beings lose their values when a country is thickly populated. It is true that there are some stories of human flesh markets in China- it is the most populous one! In India we find many people wander in streets in rags- it is the second populated one. The responsibility of the India government is to run the public space and property. The citizens don’t have any responsibility towards it. It is in a way logical because the government doesn’t take care of its citizens in old age. An Indian has to take care of himself all alone through out his life. The politicians and government bodies you need only when you go for any documentation. The only duty of the citizen is to cast vote. His duty ends there. The only duty of the government is just provide public facilities. It doesn’t care how a citizen strives hard to survive. It is none of their business.!!!

Although Indians boast of its rich cultural and religious heritage- it is still a stinking nation in the world arena. It’s one the dirtiest countries in the world. I think, strict actions should be taken against those who make public places dirty. A fine should be imposed. There must be C C Cameras in every public place. It should be under watch 24/7. Spend 20 percentage of our GDP for that. Undoubtedly, India will become a prosperous country.We can host even Olympics. It is the duty of every Indian!

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