Terrorism- a new menace

I have a rare habit of referring to the word of God whenever I am in a dilemma. Such situations were there in my life recently and I resorted to it surprisingly I got some passages which stated about ‘the end times’ or ‘Second coming of the Lord’ or ‘Signs of the Last Judgment Day’. Not only that I didn’t get any solution to the problems but it also confused me.

Each day has its own worries and today, I happened to read one quotation of Barak Obama, The US President. He says that The ISIS (The Islamic Militants in Syria and Iraq) doesn’t represent the entire Muslim community. Rather they are just terrorists or militants whose agenda is anti humanistic and barbaric. They are not worthy to be called human beings. They are beasts in disguise of human beings. Their black robes symbolize devil and demoniac intentions.

I started thinking about it and I think the end time is near. It is not a prediction of those Yahweh witnesses and Baptists who shout in every corner that the end is near. I think it is an aftermath of human progress which degraded the value of human being per se. Human beings have exceeded in number jeopardizing the nature. If the society evolved out of man’s fear and threat to his own security, and it was strengthened and sanctioned by conventions, rituals and religion, it would really end when such factor ceases to exist. Now, there is no threat to human beings than themselves. As the death day is latent in the birth day itself, the seeds of man’s destruction is latent in himself.

Today man has become more sadistic and cruel. In the beginning of the civilization too man was sadistic and it would end in that. Every beginning posits to an end.

One possibility here is that ‘ all terrorists are not Muslims’. To say ‘most of the terrorists are Muslims’ would sound correct as it happens mostly in Muslim countries. Therefore, it is true to say that ‘some terrorists are Muslims and unfair to say,’ All Muslims are terrorists’.

To sum up, terrorism has nothing to do with any religion. It has something to do with its ideology. A fundamentalist religion sanctions terrorism and forced conversions. It considers people of other faiths are non-believers and they are destined to be killed if they do not convert. The terrorist is the offspring of materialism which is triggered by western Countries. Gradually it now spreads to Middle East and subsequently to the rest of Asia. If China and India would dominate world economy in 21st Century, the menace would be nothing but terrorism.

Material prosperity leads to  hedonism. Hedonism leads to barbarism and cruelty. The doers of them are illusioned by their religious ideology and they think what they are doing is right and a ‘divine act’. However, let’s see where the road would take us. Le’s pray that it won’t lead us to the end but lead to another as every road does! But that is hope against hope!!!


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