Mother Theresa- A Challenge to those who love only religion than men

I would like to comment on the recent controversy of RSS leaders and Sang Parivaar against the mother of poor- Mother theresa. She was nursing aids and leprosy patients. Can these leaders at least look at these patients with sympathy? Are they ready to serve than to be served? Do they know what Mother Theresa was doing? If they know would they make such a remark? Has mother Theresa ever converted anybody? If she had tried the whole Culcutta would have been Christians now? One thing is sure she did everything not for money or power. She did for Jesus and not for Christianity. How many of them know that Mother Theresa was a thorn in Church’s flesh when she started her ministry? Do they know that she left her real religious order to serve the poor?

Before criticizing anybody just try to know him/her fully. An areal view of the person would distort the reality. Have an open mind. Don’t believe in hear says. I find many post highlighting atrocities against Muslims? However, do you find any Christian killing any Muslim. If somebody does so he is not a Christian. Christ has taught to love and forgive. He never taught to kill any body. Rather he said, “Love your enemies and forgive them.”  I would like reiterate one statement which I have made before in one of my articles- religion has never promoted brotherhood and harmony. I am not talking about organized relgion. But there are saints who did it. When they were alive people criticized him/her. Mother Theresa was an exception to that. She was well recognized during her life time itself. The reason behind it was that her work was so transparent.

She was an open book. Her works were in the open light. She didn’t have any hidden agenda. However, what about the works of those who are criticizing her? Are they open and sincere? Are they ready to expose their activities to the public? Certainly no. They lack that integrity. Let history judge who is right and wrong? But one thing is certain- truth always triumphs!


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