Essentials of essay writing for cbse students

Writing essay is a CBSE component. Writing an interesting essay is a skill. It is acquired through a lot of rigorous practice. An essay is a detailed piece of writing on a specific subject expressed in the required number of paragraphs. An essay has three parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

Introduction is the first and opening part of an essay. It is the first impression. Keep in mind that ‘first impression is the best impression’. It must be well written. It should be short, precise and concise. Moreover, it is neat and informative. You can introduce your essay with a citation or quotation or even a question. It is more catchy if it is a rhetorical question. Well begun is half done. Most of the examiners would judge a student’s ability and skill by reading the introduction itself. It can be written in just one paragraph.

Body of an essay is the vital part of it. This part gives its reader a detailed account of the main theme of the essay.It can run up to 2 to 3 paragrphs addressing the main theme elaborately at appropriate length. It can include, real life examples, anecdotal records, citations, quotations, allusions, references expert’s opinion, illustrations and analogies. As it is the main part of the essay it must be well-organized and well written. It must be logically coherent. Avoid repetitions. Use good vocabulary. Be authentic in your opinions. Frame sentences of different kinds such as- simple, complex and compound sentences. Write in such a way that you pull the readers to it. Expose your knowledge without being verbose.

Conclusion of an essay is the last part of it. Keep it mind, ‘ last impression is the most lasting impression’. This part sums up the theme that is introduced and developed in preceding paragraphs. It must be convincing, reasonable and impressive. It should give the reader a sense of satisfaction which they get after going through your essay. Failing to generate that the essay is destined to be a failure.

Be careful about the use of vocabulary and style. Your essay should fit to the requirement. If it is an opinion expression it should be written keeping in mind that purpose. Some of these tips can also be used in letter writing.

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