3 great secrets of leading a peaceful life revealed!

Everybody either poor or rich, man or woman, child or adult, Christian or Muslim, Australian or American, Mongolians or Caucasians wants to be happy. Peace is the supreme-end. There are many tips already revealed. They all bring in a lot of peace. Still, peace remains to be a far cry. It’ s not at our finger tips. I am going to talk about six tips which have been tested, purified and proved in history. It really works!


If one thinks that others are more peaceful than him/her it will lead to frustration. The first principle to be peaceful is to be peaceful with yourself. See that everyone is travelling in the same boat. No one is specially privileged in this life. Sow the seeds of peace to whomever you meet. As soon as you rise up, early morning, say to yourself-” I am going to be an instrument of peace today”. You may come across people who are restless and agitated. People may be furious to you. There can be people who target you, plot against you. Be broad enough to accommodate them. Greet them ‘ Peace be with you’ as Jesus wished his disciples after his resurrection. To do all these you must be peaceful to yourself. The reason is simple we behave from what we are. Be docile and transparent to be a channel of peace. Make peace with your past and future lest they may haunt you. Make peace with your family otherwise they may bring nightmares to you. Peace begins at home. One more advantage of being peaceful to yourself is that you are calm enough to take sound decisions in your life as it is said, ‘anger is a condition where tongue acts faster than heart’. Keep in mind that nobody feels jealous of a good man. The world has never been compassionate to peace lovers. It either killed  them or ignored them.


PEACE is a bonus for those who are happy and contented. Happiness is a decision that you can take freely. It costs nothing. It doesn’t cost anything. It doesn’t depend on anybody. You can be happy midst of hard times if you decide so. Don’t wait others to make you happy. Happiness  must be our second nature. Never think that happiness is a result of a successful life. Rather, it lies within you. Always go beyond the restrictions of time and space to be happy. Happiness has nothing to do with your possessions, positions and power. It is  a mental disposition. If you are happy, you may radiate it to your surroundings. Happiness has two brothers and one sister. Humility and Simplicity are its brothers and hope is its sister. The father of happiness is reflection and mother of it is the body itself. Our physical body is both and instrument of happiness and sorrow. It depends on how we make use of it. It is like a lady who can be both be a source of happiness-mother, wife, daughter and a source of sorrow- all those imperfections of women.


Forget the past, it is irrevocable, incorrigible and unalterable. Forget about the future for it is uncertain, unsure, and hypothetical. The present moment is with you. In fact, they become your past tomorrow. It also determines your future. For instance, if you plant a mango tree today after some years it would yield mangoes. However, it’s not certain you would be there to eat it. It is also not certain whether the plant would survive and grow mature. But the possibility is 70 percentage. Therefore, the best way to control one’s life is to take care of the present and it will take care of the past and future! Another practical example would prove it. You happen to find that there are some electronic gadgets run by electricity are switched on ( some electric bulbs). You start switching them off, whenever not needed. Consequently, the consumption of electricity is reduced and your electricity will be less. By controlling the present you are controlling the future. When you do that regularly the present also becomes habituated to it. And therefore, the past is controlled by past as it was reinforced by repetition in the past. I hope now you got how it works!


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