10 Possibilities of Apocalypse

1.AI- Artificial intelligence

2.BI- Bigotry instinct

3.CI-Collision instance

4.DI- Deadly illness

5. EI-Extra Terrestrial  impact

6. FI- Foreign Invasion

7. GI-Galaxy illusion

8. HI-High tech invention

9.II-imminent imperfections

10. JI- Jeopardizing improvisation

1.AI- Artificial intelligence

As the famous, physics scientist, a living legend predicted about the destiny of mankind that it will be determined by  Artificial intelligence. He added that it will lead to extinction of mankind from the earth. Is it true? Will robots lead to the annihilation of their own creator?  The creature would lead to the destruction of creator. There are many scientific fictions which talk about some situations where  man made devices take control of him and overpowering him. It would happen eventually. It is no more fictitious, but a reality. When these gadgets attain a rudimentary form of thinking, definitely it is first siren of the total extinction of man.


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