Tips to take CBSE examination confidently

  • Be relaxed on the day of exam
  • Prepare well for exam by reading, taking notes and making notes
  • Have your own short notes to learn
  • Never burn the midnight oil on the previous day of exam.
  • Go through the prescribed lessons thoroughly.
  • Learn everything; never leave any topic unanswered.
  • Have some peer learning and group learning.
  • Have some idea on the technique of writing.
  • Attempt the easy questions or sessions first.
  • Keep in mind, ‘first impression is the best impression and the last impression is the most lasting impression”.
  • Write legibly
  • Manage time properly
  • Attempt all the questions-there is no negative mark for wrong answers.
  • Don’t be in  a hurry to make mistakes.
  • Have a meditation session in the morning as soon as you wake up.
  • Quieten your mind and relax
  • Take some deep breaths to relax before taking the test.
  • Let your common sense guide you in deciding the answers.
  • The intuitions are always correct, but a second thought may be better.
  • Never think too much and it may lead you to make mistakes.
  • Stop studying before 30 minutes of exam.
  • Rely on your thinking to  revise the portions.

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