Clean India Campaign ( Swach Bharat Abhiyan)

Quite recently I watched a Malayalam movie named ‘Spanish Masala’ in which the hero, Dileep who is one of the famous actors in Malayalam comments as he lands in one city in Spain, ” These dirty people keep their roads superbly clean”. I started contemplating on that keeping in mind the clean India Campaign which has been launched by Modi Government. It is true that Indians are much better in personal cleanliness than Westerners and other ‘First world Country people’. They take bath hardly once in a year or month when in my state (Kerala) almost everyone takes bath twice a day. The climatic conditions may be a deciding factor in this. But when it comes to public cleanliness the latter is much better than the former.

Therefore, I think, it is a matter of change in the attitude that would make a substantial difference in India. As I have said in one of my articles before, if people in India try to look at the public places as their own court yards it would be the cleanest country in the world.One more thing should be considered at this juncture, the alarming population of India. One may quote the example of China which is comparatively cleaner and greener. But its land mass is bigger. India sustains the second largest landmass within its cultural and geographical diversity.

It is true that many cine stars and celebrities are given the responsibility to spread the message to the public but they do fail in communicating to the common man in a language that is perceivable to him/her. That is why they use some words ‘souchalaya’ which is not commonly used in south India. Moreover, the change should begin at the grass root level. It should happen within every Indian family. There must be an awareness within. Responsibility towards the other should be our first priority. If adhered strictly to it, clean India is not a myth but a possibility and undoubtedly this century will be ours !

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