Five misconceptions about happiness

Happiness is one of the concepts which is often misunderstood. In this post, I would like to  talk about some of the misconceptions about the very idea of happiness.

  1. Happiness is the supreme end of human life. Happiness is not the only ultimate end of every  human being. It is not a target. It is a means to achieve an end. It is not an end in itself. Happiness is just earthly and profane. There is no happiness in life after death. It means that happiness is possible only when one is alive. It is mundane.

2.The second misconception is that happiness lies in moral living. To be happy one needs to be morally good and upright. It is  not correct there are many people who are not morally good lead a happy life. They don’t care what is morality. They don’t behave in an ethical way. But there are many people who are unhappy who are morally good. Morality has nothing to do with happiness.

  1. Another thesis of happiness is that it is result of one’s actions. It’s not true. Actions have nothing to do with happiness. The way you are doing your deeds determine the happiness. A deed alone don’t bring in happiness.

  2. Happiness consists not  in doing. Happiness has something to do with our actions. Our words, deeds and thoughts are inter-related.They don’t operate in isolation.

  3. Happiness is highly desirable. It is wrong to say that happiness is the highest desirable good in life. happiness is a by-product of our being, doing, willing, feeling and becoming.


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