My Tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

The reasons behind  writing this tribute are many. First is a statement about Dr. Kalam appeared in a newspaper on the following day of his death which read- “he had no family to mourn for him but he had an entire nation with 1.25 billion people to mourn for him.” It compelled me to retrospect about my own life and my nation’s life for some time. I came up with the following finding- there were many great personalities in India who passed away but this sort of tears have never been shed. (There are crocodile tears in India when someone passes away.)

I was also privileged to live in a era when many great politicians expired which shocked the entire nation. I still remember the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi created a lot of grief and fright in the country! Many committed suicide! In Tamil Nadu many people committed suicide when MGR a film actor expired. However, the tears that I saw being shed for Dr. Kalam was of another nature. It was realistic! The nation virtually mourned for its one of the greatest souls ( In my opinion, second only to Mahatma Gandhi.)! It may not be an exaggeration if the future generation would consider Dr. Kalam greater than Gandhi. The reason is quite simple-Kalam was a scientific man with a sublime spirituality. His single-minded devotion to one cause makes him even greater than Gandhi because the latter had such a determination only after some years of his life.

The second, the urge to contemplate about Dr.Kalam was his inspirational life. His life is an answer to one of the most significant questions in human life-‘How should a human being live on this earth?’. He led an extraordinary life in a simple and humble way. He left a legacy without making any noise or show. It was just like a bird flying in the sky. I happened to read many of his quotations and I really get motivated when I go through, “FAIL is nothing but First Attempt In Life”, and “one must have a dream before pursuing a dream”

Thirdly, Dr. Kalam had a mission with a mission. He was a role model. He could transcend the limitations of his personal and selfish motives. He lived for others. He seldom lived for himself. It taught me a great lesson in life- a life lived for oneself is a lost one and a life lived for others is a successful one.”

Fourthly and finally I would like to conclude by saying:- ” Future generations would hardly believe that such person named Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam lived on this earth in flesh and blood!” ( I’m indebted to Albert Einstein for this statement)


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