God Carries our Burdens Day after Day……

Give God a chance and He will make something beautiful of your life.

An Indian Guru was speaking to a large audience of Europeans. He told them: The main obstacle to your peace and happiness is self. Self is like a shadow, and you are like a traveler. In order to get rid of this shadow, you western people just walk faster. But self is still there. You run, and the shadow of self follows just as fast. Finally you fall down in exhaustion, from trying to run away from that shadow of self.

“Then a good Samaritan from the East finds you. He brings you back to consciousness, helps you up, and suggests that the two of you go over and sit in the shade of the wayside tree.   Once you are comfortable, the Easterner asks, “Where is that shadow that you were trying to run away from?” You look around for the shadow, but it no longer exists in the shade of the tree.”

The Indian guru then suggested to the Westerners, that they should spend more time sitting under trees, praying and thinking… and not chasing shadows…

Praise the Lord, who carries our burdens day after day; he is the God who saves us. Our God is God who saves; he is the Lord, our Lord, who rescues us from death. (The Bible, Psalms 68:19).

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