Love for Parents……………

Children, listen to me; I am your father. Do what I tell you and you will be safe, for the Lord has given fathers authority over their children and given children the obligation to obey their mothers.

If you respect your father, you can make up for your sins, and if you honour your mother, you are earning great wealth. If you respect your father, one day your own children will make you happy; the Lord will hear your prayers.
If you obey the Lord by honouring your father and making your mother happy, you will live a long life. Obey your parents as if you were their slave. Honour your father in everything you do and say, so that you may receive his blessing. When parents give their blessing, they give strength to their children’s homes, but whey they curse their children, they destroy the very foundations.
Never seek honour for yourself at your father’s expense; it is not to your credit if he is dishonoured. Your own honour comes from the respect that you show to your father.
If children do not honour their mothers, it is their own disgrace. My son, take care of your father when he grows old; give him no cause for worry as long as he lives. Be sympathetic even if his mind fails him; don’t look down on him just because you are strong and healthy. The Lord will not forget the kindness you show to your father; it will help you to make up for your sins. When you are in trouble, the Lord will remember your kindness and will help you; your sins will melt away like frost in warm sunshine.
Whoever abandons his parents or gives them cause for anger may as well be cursing the Lord, he is already under the Lord’s curse.
–(The Bible, Sirach 3:1-16)

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