Chivvy summary and NCERT Solutions

Parents and teachers always nag their children and students with dos and don’ts. Most of these imperatives are meaningless. They are preconceived and contradictory. The poem, Chivvy is an eye opener to such a behaviour.

The poem ‘Chivvy’ has been composed by the poet ‘Michael Rosen’. The present poem deals with the feelings of the poet like other small kids who feel irritated by their elders who always instruct them to do or not to do. The grown-ups always say things like ‘speak up’, ‘don’t stare’, ‘don’t point’, ‘don’t pick your nose’, ‘sit up’, ‘say please’, ‘less noise’ etc. The poet leaves a question to elders why can’t they keep their suggestions to themselves.

Answers of the Textbook Questions

Q1. The last two lines of the poem are not prohibitions or instruction. What is the adult now asking the child to do? Do you think the poet is suggesting that this is unreasonable? Why?
Ans: In the last two lines, the adults are asking the child to think himself and to be independent in taking decisions which is unreasonable because they themselves don’t allow the child to take any decision. They always tell him what to do or what not to do. So, their asking the child to make up his own mind is surely unreasonable.

Q2. Why do you think grown-ups say the kind of things mentioned in the poem? Is it important that they teach children good manners, and how to behave in public?
Ans: The grown-ups say such kind of things to their children in order to teach them good manners, etiquettes and how to behave in public. It is important to teach the children all these things so that they learn good manners and how to behave in the society, at home and with their elders and youngsters. Our elders are our guide and friends.

Q3. If you had to make some rules for grown-ups to follow, what would you say? Make at least five such rules.
Ans: If we have to make some rules for grown-ups to follow, we would say:
Don’t stop us from playing,
Don’t ask us to study,
Allow us to watch T.V.,
Take us for outings,
Above all,
Don’t Chivvy.

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