Error Correction/Spotting Errors/English Communicative

Wrong:        I have visited Niagara Falls  last weekend.

Right :         I visited Niagara Falls last weekend.

Wrong        The woman which works here is from   Japan.

Right           The woman who works here is from     Japan.

Wrong        She’s married with a dentist.

Right           She’s married to a dentist.

Wrong        She was boring in the class.

Right           She was bored in the class.

Wrong        I must to call him immediately.

Right           I must call him immediately.

Wrong        Every students like the teacher.

Right           Every student likes the teacher.

Wrong        Although it was raining, but we had   the picnic.

Right           Although it was raining, we had the  picnic.

Wrong        I enjoyed from the movie.

Right           I enjoyed the movie.

Wrong        I look forward to meet you.

Right           I look forward to meeting you.

Wrong        I like very much ice cream.

Right           I like ice cream very much.

Wrong        She can to drive.

Right           She can drive.

Wrong        Where I can find a bank?

Right           Where can I find a bank?

Wrong        I live in United States.

Right           I live in the United States.

Wrong        When I will arrive, I will call you.

Right           When I arrive, I will call you.

Wrong        I’ve been here since three months.

Right           I’ve been here for three months.

Wrong        My boyfriend has got a new work.

Right           My boyfriend has got a new job.

Wrong        She doesn’t listen me.

Right           She doesn’t listen to me.

Wrong        You speak English good.

Right           You speak English well.

Wrong        The police is coming.

Right           The police are coming.

Wrong        The house isn’t enough big.

Right           The house isn’t big enough.

Wrong        You should not to smoke.

Right           You should not smoke.

Wrong        There is seven girls in the class.

Right           There are seven girls in the class.

Wrong        I didn’t meet nobody.

Right           I didn’t meet anybody.

Wrong        My flight departs in 5:00 am.

Right           My flight departs at 5:00 am.

         Words that are confused.

  • advice–a noun meaning helpful information
  • advise–a verb meaning to give helpful information
  • affect–a verb meaning to influence or to display.  Used as a noun in psychology to mean a feeling, an emotion.
  • effect–a noun meaning result.  Used as a verb to mean to cause or bring about.
  • As a general rule, remember that affect is usually a verb and effect is usually a noun.
  • all ready–an adjective meaning prepared
  • already–an adverb meaning prior to a certain time
  • cite–a verb meaning to quote and refer to
  • sight–a verb meaning to see or to aim; a noun meaning an extraordinary visual perception
  • site–a noun meaning a place or a verb meaning to place
  • its–the possessive form of it
  • it’s–the contracted form of it is
  • knew–the past tense of the verb to know
  • new–an adjective meaning recently created, unused
  • know–a verb meaning to have knowledge of
  • no–the negative.
  • loose–an adjective meaning free, unconnected
  • lose–a verb meaning to misplace, to be defeated
  • principal–an adjective meaning chief or main; a noun meaning the head of a school, a leading performer, or a sum of money
  • principle–a noun meaning theory, concept, rule
  • their–the third person plural possessive pronoun.
  • there–an adverb designating place
  • they’re–the contracted form of they are
  • to–a preposition meaning in the direction of
  • too–an adverb meaning also or excessively
  • two–the number 2.
  • whose–the possessive form of who
  • who’s–the contracted form of who is

Twenty Commonly Misspelled Words

  • existence
  • leisure
  • receive
  • forty
  • lose
  • separate
  • friend
  • misspell
  • studying
  • grammar
  • ninety
  • truly
  • independent
  • noticeable
  • writing
  • indispensable
  • occurrence
  • written
  • led
  • precede

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