Identify the tense and change into indirect speech

  1. She says “What time will you be home?”
  2. She said “What time will you be home?”
  3. I said “I don’t know!”
  4. John said, “There’s an elephant outside the window.”
  5. She said, “I saw him.”
  6. She said, “Today’s lesson is on presentations.”
  7. She said, “I’m teaching English online.”
  8. She said, “I’ve been on the web since 1999.”
  9. She said, “I’ve been teaching English for seven years.” –
  10. She said, “I taught online yesterday.”
  11. She said, “I was teaching earlier.”
  12. She said, “I’d already been teaching for five minutes.”
  13. She said, “I’ll teach English online tomorrow.”
  14. She said, “I can teach English online.”
  15. He said, “It’s been a real day for expectations. “
  16. He asked, “Where were you? “
  17. I’ve been waiting here for an hour.
  18. He said, “didn’t you leave a note?”
  19. She said, “I wasn’t planning on going anywhere.”
  20. He said, “I can see that.”
  21. He asked, “Where’s your coat?”
  22. She said, “I left the house in a hurry.”
  23. They called me when they couldn’t get you.
  24. He said, “I don’t understand your mother.”
  25. You said, “ I ran out to buy some flowers for her”.
  26. She said, “for three hours you’ve been buying flowers.”
  27. He said, “ And then I drove around.”
  28. He said, “But I’m fine now.”
  29. You didn’t go by the hospital?
  30. He said, “ Look, I’m freezing.”
  31. He said, “Let’s go inside.”
  32. Why did the hospital call?
  33. He asked, “Does the doctor need my signature for more tests?”
  34. He said, “We have to go to the hospital. ‘
  35. She said, “I’ve had a terrible”
  36. They said, “We have to go to the hospital.”
  37. Barra asked Ari, ” are you a doctor?”
  38. The dentist told me, “don’t eat candy too much!”
  39. Lina said, ” I must study now.”
  40. Nina said, “I will be going to Seoul tomorrow.”
  41. Cinta said,” I have studied hard for the final exam”
  42. George said, ” I watched the vampire diaries series yesterday.”
  43. Camille said, ” I went to school on foot yesterday.”
  44. The police told me, “show me your license!”
  45. Esme warned me, “don’t go to the forest by yourself.”
  46. Ridho said, ” I have been studied for TOEFL test.”
  47. ‘Congratulations! You have come first in the exams,’ the principal said to me.
  48. Mohit’s father said, ‘We must not watch TV while having our dinner.’
  49. ‘What an expensive car he drives!’ remarked Rahul’s neighbour.
  50. ‘How well you speak German,’ his teammate remarked.
  51. ‘Hurry up!’ said Viru’s mother. ‘The bus will be here in a minute.’
  52. The policeman ordered the truck driver, ‘Show your licence.’
  53. ‘You will have to surrender your passport,’ the officer said to the passenger.
  54. My grandfather said, ‘May you have a long life!’
  55. Mr Jain said to his colleague, ‘Will you please drop me at the airport?’
  56. ‘Light travels in a straight line,’ the teacher explained.
  57. ‘I saw an interesting film last evening,’ said my friend.
  58. The caller asked, ‘May I speak with Shweta?’
  59. ‘May I know who is on the line?’ her father enquired.
  60. ‘Ouch! The bee stung me!’ the child said.
  61.  ‘What do you want?’ she asked him.
  62.  ‘Are you coming with us?’ he asked me.
  63.  He asked, ‘When do you intend to make the payment?’’
  64.  ‘Do you come from China?’ said the prince to the girl.
  65.  The poor man exclaimed, ‘Will none of you help me?’
  66.  ‘Which way should I go?’ asked the little girl..
  67. Alladin said to the magician, ‘What have I done to deserve so severe a punishment?’
  68.  ‘Don’t you know the way home?”’ I said to her.
  69.  ‘Do you write a good hand?’ the teacher said to the student.
  70.  ‘Have you anything to say on behalf of the accused?’ said the judge finally.
  71.  ‘Have you anything to tell me, little bird?’ asked Ulysses.
  72.  ‘Who are you, sir, and what do you want?’ they asked.
  73.  The king was impressed with the magician and asked, ‘What can I do for you?’
  74. She asked, ‘What is it that makes you stronger and braver than other men?’
  75.  ‘Can you solve this problem?’ he asked me.
  76. “Where is my umbrella?” she asked.
  77. How are you?” Martin asked us.
  78. He asked, “Do I have to do it?”
  79. “Where have you been?” the mother asked her daughter.
  80. “Which dress do you like best?” she asked.
  81. “What are they doing?” she asked.
  82. “Are you going to the cinema?” he asked me.

83. The teacher asked, “Who speaks English?”

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