Bishop’s candlesticks

Bishop’s Candle Sticks, written by Norman Mckinnell is  a relevant story today. As we hear about terrorist attacks, abuses and atrocities against women through the world, we need to read this drama  thousand times or to enact it in the streets or platforms we could have.

Bishop’s values like compassion, benevolence, generosity, empathy and innocence must be inculcated in every human being. A path of love and not a path of violence would lead to everlasting peace and harmony in the world. Criminals are not born but they are created by the fickle mindedness and vested interests of the society.

People now a days lack the accommodating mentality to accept the odds in life. On the other hand, they tend to think in terms of their name and fame. Self-projection is there everywhere. We need to adopt the humble and simple mental disposition of the bishop in order to create a good mark in the society.

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