Continuous and comprehensive evaluation -CBSE

   Classes I-V

The academic session is divided into three terms.
I Term– April to August
II Term– September to November
III Term– December to March

Scholastic Areas
The students are evaluated on various parameters through oral and written Class tests, Cycle tests, Activity tests and daily class performances throughout the term for all the subjects. Special emphasis is laid to enhance reading, writing and conversation skills in both English and Hindi.
Various competitions such as Hindi and English Calligraphy, Recitations, Creative Writings and Spell Bee Competitions, Maths, Science and General Knowledge Quiz are organized to make the evaluation system more activity oriented.
Co-scholastic Areas
In line with CCE system, General Knowledge, Environmental Education, Physical Education, skills in Art, Music and Dance, Computers and Reading skills are assessed regularly. In addition, Art and Craft competitions, Music and Dance Competitions, Sports activities are also used as an evaluation tool.
Life Skills
The Life skills depicting the personal traits of a student are judged in accordance with CCE system. These consist of qualities such as confidence, obedience, regularity and punctuality, discipline, respect towards others and school property, neatness etc.
The term wise weightage for scholastic areas in an academic session is as follows:

Class I Term
(April  to August)
    II Term
( September  to  November)
       III  Term
( December  to  March)
  I,II & III            30%                   35%                  35%
  IV & V            35%                   35%                  30%
   Classes VI – X

The academic session is divided into two terms:
I Term: April to September
II Term: October to March
Each child is assessed in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. For the assessment of the scholastic areas, each term will have two formative assessment(FA) and one summative assessment(SA). The weightage  of each assessment in a term for an academic session is as follows:

Period of assessment April-July July-September September October-December December-March March
 Type of assessment  FA  1  FA  2  SA 1  FA  3 FA  4 SA  2
 VI -X  10%  10%   30%  10% 10% 30%

Assessment of Co- scholastic areas is reported once in class IX and class X each. The students are assessed on various parameters for life skills , work education, visual and performing arts, and attitudes and values towards teachers, schoolmates, school programmes and environment.
The students are also assessed for literary and creative skills, scientific skills, information and communication technology and organizational and leadership skills. In addition, the students also participate in various health and physical activities and are assessed by the teachers accordingly.



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