Language diversity-some key points/ A level English language

Students should study a range of examples of language in use and research data to inform their study of diversity:

  • texts using different sociolects (to include social and occupational groups, and gender)
  • texts using different dialects (to include regional and national varieties of English within the British Isles)
  • texts that use language to represent the different groups above
  • written, spoken and electronic texts about a range of subjects, for various audiences and purposes in a variety of genres
  • items from collections of language data (eg dictionaries, online resources, language corpora)
  • research findings (eg tables, graphs, statistics).

When analysing texts and data, students should explore:

  • how language varies because of personal, social and geographical contexts
  • why language varies, developing critical knowledge and understanding of different views and explanations
  • how identity is constructed
  • how language is used to enact relationships
  • attitudes to language diversity.



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