An Ode to forests

( It is a poem written by one of my students in IX standard- Master Varad Godase.Valuable suggestions are invited.)

Dark  was the night

Bright was the day

Deep was the sleep

In which life lay.

As the lights of creation

Filtered the morn

Life was awake and

As was the dawn.

Plants grew, and so did animals

Dewdrops trickle, glistened like pearls

Everything was merry and gay

under the shadow of the goddess ‘May’.

The creatures emerged,

they knew no worry.

The porcupines were spiny,

bears were furry.

God looked down,

about and thither:

‘was merry and happy:

or one of the either!

The God was happy

and then he cried.

Nope! These were tears of joy

of love that never died.

These dotted silver threads,

dropped from the heaven,

Supported the life below,

By making the land even.

Of all was well,

and was merry,

What was the need

For God to worry?

Noble were these animals

But someone had to govern;

Thus, man was created

And the council Adjourned.

Until now,

There had been no crises

but times changed as

life is but a game of dices.

As the days passed,

Man became lonely;

What he needed,

was a companion only.

Thus the God,

making the woman was seen

Man’s sole companion;

He-king and she-queen.

On and on passed the time

And they committed the greatest crime.

Forbidden they were

to eat the fruit of knowledge

God himself had tole

And made them take the pledge.

But curiosity, yes!

Curiosity got better of them.

Tasted a fruit;

Brought themselves a bad name.

Ashamed! yes, Ashamed they were

of their own nudity,

in this confusion;

forgot the nature’s beauty.

Banished, they were

by their own deity.

After all,

Hath they not broken the treaty?

On and on, Over and Over

They progressed in the arts.

The knowledge and the ideas

kept pricking them like darts.

Soon he learnt,

the art of farming.

And of fire,

which was very charming.

He learnt to use,

the wheels and Metals.

Forgot the delicacy

of a flower’s petals.

The shelter, he got

from caves and forests;

He considered himself

Superior and best.

Began to cut forests

indiscriminately and recklessly.

He used all the resources

quite much selfishly.

Centuries passed away

And he progressed with speed

Having not done,

a single good deed!

Warnings given,

he did not heed,

Having overcome by

Tremendous greed.

The forest now tortured,

turned to the gods for plea,

“The man”, said,

“Is troubling me,

“The man with is

machines and automobiles;

polluting the biosphere

with endless crimes. ”

“I hear the whole

brunt ;of impact.

O Gods! Save me,

Use some tact”

So the Gods

In their immense fury

send cyclones, Tornadoes

to crush cities to purity!

Tsunamis and Volcanoes

Fires and Earthquakes

People ran, putting

their live at stake.

Fulfilling his duty

m,an had forgot

A very good lesson

he was taught.

Man was sorry

and he did repent!

Decided to repair;

not leave a single tent.

Planting more trees,

stopping Deforestation,

Is what he made

his sole mission.

Gradually and slowly

Grew the forest cover;

It was s as if

nothing had happened ever.

All was happy,

merry and gay;

Nature restored,
in deep sleep the evil lay.

Man had learnt

how to repay,

Dark was the Night,

Bright was the day.



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