Clean life resolutions


To regain and recapture,

the purity, awareness, consciousness,

the depth of breath, energy, enthusiasm,

lost in one’s craving to indulge in the

sheer pursuit of worldly pleasures- those mundane

or profane satiation of pleasures,

which might have created a pseudo joy,

one needs to abstain, reiterate to oneself-

‘Your body is not real and it is just an

empty vessel or carrier of your soul,

which is pure, enlightened and contented.’

In fact our body is the initiator, sufferer of

‘such pervasions’ and ‘meaningless pursuits.,’

Life is not a target and the only desirable good

is not pleasure and happiness.

It is not in making oneself happy that the meaning of

life is unfolded, rather, it is in making others

happy and contented that you become happy

and satisfied.

The material possessions may give some sort of

transitory consolations but the eteranal joy of

one’s being is in being nobody and doing nothing

spectacular. It lies in leading a life without much

expectations of the fruits of one’s actions or efforts.




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