Three realizations-A Sho

I was awake. I couldn’t sleep that night. I was rolling on my bed. It was ‘the third hour’. I was haunted by three things: – that dream, that boy, the river.

Was it a dream?

Was it that boy?

Was it the River?

He just looked at Anna. She was sound asleep. She always remained happy and contented. I wonder why she is so. After all, she has no children. She is barren. Yet it seems that small things make her happy, like food, a loving touch, a sleep, a gossip etc.

Life is a mystery. Some people are born with a natural contentment. They are the children of the god of simplicity. They seldom think about their existence. They simply exist-the existence per se. They are… They are… They are…as they are… Why don’t they think about the meaning of life? Are there people who think like me? Are there many seekers of meaning and truth? I have heard of Siddartha who became Buddha who used to ask such questions. He left the palace in search of truth. He sat under a tree and meditated. He realized himself and got enlightenment and he called it ‘nirvana’. I have also heard of Confucius who sought truth and gained some light. But it was Lao Tse who influenced me most. His idea of being is good. Just being . It is a sublimated existence right……?

Will that boy with golden hairs be there at Jordan still swimming in it?

Will he be able to withstand the cold?

Anyway, let me go and see…

It was a full moon day. I walked like a ghost to the river. As I neared it I could see a fireball. Yes. There is somebody beside it. Will that be that boy?

I could see a mob around a fireball and I was scared to go there. I returned home.

As I reached home I found Anna awake.

She asked, “Where did you go, I was anxious.”

“I went in search of a boy.”

“Where? Who is that boy?”

“At the river side.”


“I met him yesterday evening at the river. He was swimming across the Jordan. He attracted me. I wanted to talk to him. But I couldn’t. And It was haunting me throughout the night.”

“Why did you get up early?”

“I had a strange dream?”


“Yes. It was an incomplete one. You came and interrupted me.”

“Tell me what it was.”

She narrated her dream.

“It was a full moon day. I saw a beautiful lady dancing under an olive tree. She was ecstatic. It seemed as if she were waiting for somebody. Yes. I could hear what she was singing.

“I am the Joy,

With you My Lord,

I will be taken to more heights,

Clinging to your bosom tightly, so tightly,

I would fly to more heights,

When you take me to your vineyard,

Nourishing me with the sweetest wine,

With the water of love,

I would become an angel and fly,

With an unending joy,

And you,

With your blissful hand,

Would carry me to your bed too,

Where I will be elevated to heaven,

As today I have the sweetest fragrance,

Sweeter dreams than yesterday.

Will your vine bear your fruit?

Will I be that privileged one?

Will Yahweh have mercy on me?

Yes. With much love I wait for you,

Come my Lord come,

Take me to your abode,

Forever and ever”

“As she was singing, she continued, I saw a beautiful man approaching her. She hugged him. They remained there together for a while. And suddenly there was a great lightening and thunder. And I heard a voice from heaven-

“Woman, don’t cling to my beloved son. He has to go away. He has not been baptized in the Spirit. Wait patiently for his Second Coming. He will come back to you as my ‘prince’. And you will bear his fruits. You can drink the water of life to your heart’s content.”

And then you came and woke me up.

I too had a dream. I wanted to tell you.

“Oh. Great! What was it?

“I was worried after meeting the boy. I went to bed. I couldn’t sleep. But after sometime I was in sound sleep and I had a dream.”

“I saw a pregnant man. He was full of joy. He seemed to deliver a child. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He delivered a handsome boy. They (many people) stood in awesome wonder. As soon as the boy was born, it was resounded in heaven,

“I have sent my son to the world,

And I have also sent a person to prepare his way,

He will have to travel through unknown paths;

He may have to desert everything,

At last he will transcend everything.”

I woke up. And I wanted to look for the boy. I was curious to know whether that boy would be there at the riverside still swimming across it. And that is how I went to the bank of the river. I didn’t find him over there. He might have gone home. Anyway he had such a Piercing look. It seemed that he would answer some of my unanswered questions.


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