Story of rich man as told by many wise men

The rich man,

lived, existed and striven very hard,

to be one among those ‘coveted ones’,

who have all the materials comforts

and so called pleasures of the world,

at his fingertips.

The common man always looked at him

with envy and awe, and wet his mat with,

sweet dreams of being like him, and being

fulfilled in the dream and to find

having nothing on the following day !

The rich man on the other hand

worked day and night to multiply his money,

in fact, he was rolling on and on in his luxurious matress

and the arid walls of  air-conditioned room.

He was deprived of sleep,

he too was jealous of the poor man,

who has a sound sleep, so contented and happy

with few possessions, fearless and relaxed.

One day it happened as he was decorating his body

with the costliest cosmetics at a beauty parlor,

he found that one of his hairs changed its colour,

to alarm him of his imminent end.

The next day, going to the best superspeciality

hospital he asked for a full body scanning,

and found two more uninvited guests,

present in his body, diabetics and high blood pressure.

The smart doctors got a good prey to conduct many

experiment  on this guinea pig, whose body never knew

any major pain before.

He boasted to his visitors that only he could afford

to such a treatment available only in the First World countries.

The angel of death laughed on hearing this and said,

“the darkest world is awaiting for you,

here on earth you boast about the first world,

you might have heard the saying,

the first will be last and the last will be first. ”

His friends, wife and relatives shed crocodile tears,

as he died breathing his last, hearing the lamentations,

murmurings, negotiations and consolations of them.

The poor  man on the other hand,

led a careless life, but it was miserable,

in the eyes of the world.

As he was breathing  his last and

as the real cries of his

dear and near ones resounded

in the farthest horizons of his hut

the angel of death said, “my brother,

you may enter the door of heaven,

place that is prepared for you,

where you will be in bliss forever and ever”.


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