Diary of the grandmother of Sudha Murty.



Today when I touched the feet of my grandmother and when she gifted me the novel, Kashi Yatre, I was in fact elevated to the  heights of satisfaction and glory. I feel free and independent. My teacher has done a good job. I never thought that I could learn Kannada alphabet so soon. At this old age, it is  like a  great dream come true for me. Now I can explore the wonderful world of letters. I get immense pleasure in reading the books. As the novel depicts an old lady who takes after me, it represents the lives of many people. It will take me to different horizons of knowledge. After completing this novel I am going to read a few more books. Thank god before my death I will be able to read enormously. Now I realize the real meaning of freedom and independence. Learning has no barriers of age and gender. Anyone who is determined can learn to read and write. I now regret the days I spent in vain.


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