Junk food corner

Moving into the food court of my school gives me a feeling of relishing different food delights- rightly named as ‘oodles and noodles’, ‘southern delights’ ‘cheesy burgers’, ‘chocolate toasts’, ‘chilli milli toasts’, ‘spicy vada paves’ ‘bhel puries and pani puries’ and the like. They are just bandwagons targeted at an intended audience, new generation that can never visualize a party without pizzas, soft drinks and burgers. It is their delight. The Facebook posts on detrimental facts of some food items scare some people for sometime, but the temptation of these food is more powerful than the rest. They are nagging. Once you start eating them you can help saying no to it.

The problem does not lie in the substance which they use to prepare these dishes. Rather it lies in the quantity of those substances which are beyond the set standard and limit. This is indisputable that these are mouth watering dishes. But where are they taking us? to the death bed, and an array of diseases. Can this new generation muster their courage to stand against this menace?


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