The triumph of Trump- An alarm to the world!

The euphoria is rising, at least among those who long for a hegemonic and imperialistic America, but on the other side, some well- wishers of the world is really serious and concerned about the future of the world politics. The earth is scared! Is it heading towards a Third World War? Who will be that anarchist who would expiate the untold atrocities of man kind to the the earth?

My fears, backed by the prediction of the ‘blind woman’ who is hailed as ‘the modern Nostradamus’ that Barack Obama will be the last president of the United States and so called ‘Islamophobia’ that is going on the western world today. I think, as many others think, the phobias of the USA are made by themselves. So seeking a solution from outside is unrealistic and impossible. It should happen from within.

If you are strong within there is nothing to fear outside. The problems started when America took the responsibility of the world police after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Then the the deciding factor was sheer military and economic strength. Now the scenario changed. The might of the nation is valued by its power to negotiate and interact with other countries. The country that makes a better place for others to live in is favored over the other.


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