Contemplating and Reflecting…

A lonely thinker…

A unique seeker…

The name world has given me is:  Bijosh

Pen name: Thilophian

Read my stories and poems in “” under the pseudonym : Thilophian

Looking for friends with similar interests…

Ready to love unconditionally.

Ready to help selflessly…

Motto:  “Begin always anew”.

Favourite quote: “Look for solutions rather than complaints”


66 thoughts on “Me!

  1. We are born alone
    Amidst people we live alone
    We breathe alone, we think alone, we dream alone……
    Aloneness is the antithesis of loneliness……
    which some enjoy and others fear.

  2. Everyone born with specific aim Which actually not even known to him Knowingly or Unknowingly will perform and will finish one day.till then he will perform…………………..
    Thank You

    • thank you very much for going through my blog. Keep visiting. Your thought provoking comment has made me think about the meaning of my life. Have a nice day.

  3. i really like to thank rifa n lamha for introducing mee this intresting blog…thank u.. ur poems n pics r fantasticc..upload more….

  4. Sir here is a poem
    Memories are Memories
    Which we cannot forget
    because they are the memories of life
    which will be there with us forever

    Life is filled with Memories
    which make us happy though we are sad
    because they are memories of life
    which will be there with us forever

    I have the Greatest friend on Earth,
    Sisters by God but not by Birth
    I love her a lot for what she have done for me
    Without Shivani In my life I am not sure where I’d be

    We still be best friends until we die
    Together we share our Life story
    We look for good in others Glory
    Shivani is Amazing every single day
    I admire and look up her in everyway
    Some one sent by god to make me happy
    One of heavens Angel with no visible wings
    If u ever meet Shivani, then u will see
    Why is the definition of Greatest friend to me
    Shivani, Thanks for being there for me
    you have shown me how best friends must be!!!!!

    I still miss the way,
    You could read my mind,
    know what to say
    when words were difficult to find

    I still miss the way,
    you would brighten my day,
    make me forget the mistakes and
    make the pain go away

    I miss our long conversation and
    Our last day fight and
    you didn’t tell me bye

    I miss how you made me laugh and
    Hate how you made me cry

    But one thing,

  5. Hi Sir I am Kavindraa, from Gurugram,Pondicherry. How are you sir ? Where r u sir ??

    Here is my Poem ………………….

    Like a rare gem

    Found in the depths of the earth

    You are one of those jewels

    Of whom there is a dearth

    Like a prized possession

    Always kept safe and secure

    Your teachings and lessons

    Will be in our hearts for sure

    We Miss You Sir……

    • Hi, Kavindra, hope you are doing well in your studies. I do still remember you all. This poem really exposes your unique skill in composing poetry. Keep writing.We would meet online, may through this blogs where we share our views.
      All the best

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