How to teach English to 6, 7, 8 years old students..

The beginners of any language are blank papers in which anything is written. Therefore, the little learners can be introduced the world of language using any effective method. When it comes to learning English as a new language, the same method by which a child learns his/her language can be adopted. How does a child picks up his mother tongue. It is by listening and imitating to his/her parents and relatives. When he joins a schools, the classmates also start influencing them.

It is very important that we must make a passive learning community where the learners learn passively with ease and without much effort. It happens only when teachers, and his or her friends start conversing in English and in a flawless manner. If errors are made by them they are perpetuated. Teachers must bear in mind that language is a skill than a subject to be taught. It should happen effortlessly. Let the little children learn passively. Vocabulary and grammar should thus be learned automatically. Children of this age tend rely largely on teachers. they trust their teachers deeply. They think their teachers are infallible. They never make any mistake.

Therefore, when teachers make some grammatical mistakes in their talk and verbal communication, children learn them and start using them.So each teacher should try to use English carefully.