If you have a scar on your chest…

If you have a scar on your chest it can have two consequences. First, if you are a man it brings good luck and prosperity towards the evening of your life.(old age.) Although you might suffer in your childhood and youth hood, you will have good life in your old hood.

However, if you are a woman it is the opposite. Your childhood and youth hood are fine. You will have untold suffering in old age.

Suffering here means suffering from diseases and sicknesses.

If you have a scar under your feet…

There are two possibilities- natural scar and wound scar. If it is  a man, he is destined to excel in business. He would be successful in running any business. He would become rich although he is born in utter poverty. On the other hand, if it is found in a woman, she is so passionate and emotional. She would be bold and out going. She tends to give more attention to his emotions than thoughts. She acts on impulse. She would be notorious for her adulterous behaviour. It’s very likely that she would become a slut.

In case a would scar happens in a man, he would excel in agriculture and planting. He would be close to nature. He would be hardworking and simple. He would eat from the sweat of his forehead. However he may marry a woman with opposite inclinations. Thus he would lead a miserable family life. If such a scar found in a woman, she would be a contented house wife. She would be a faithful one. She is an introvert.

In marriage if a man with scars on the feet, natural for man and would for woman, their marriage would be successful one. If it is the opposite their relationship would be broken.

Work Ethics of Kodangi Sastra

The kodangiguru (‘ Kokoka Muni’ in the local dialect), always emphasizes  on a unique life style which is close to nature, consciousness friendly, and human friendly. He speaks of detachment in one’s deeds, thoughts and words. He believes in the power of ‘now’, admonishing others to live in the present moment. The bliss that he advocates is based on this paradigm shift.

munnar 13

According to Kokokamuni, the misery of the world is the result of man’s alienation from nature and his self. An invitation for an inward journey to nature and to one’s personality is thus the basic steps of following the ‘kodangimarga’ ( kodangi way). However, it doesn’t put forward any specific rituals to be meticulously followed. On the other hand, it believes that each person is unique and he or she has to foster  his individuality and personality to obtain self-realization or enlightenment or nirvana( a term used in Buddhism for enlightenment.

The ‘Garhic jeevitham’ or  ‘loukika jeevitam’ is a mystery. Each moment is a mystery. The beauty of each moment is explored and exploited by a person who has really seen the ins and outs of the world. This enlightened one can go beyond all those empirical realms. It is based on transcending the empirical realm.

A life close to nature has the following unique traits:

1. Simplicity

2. Natural

3. Detachment from worldly pleasures

4. Basic contentment

6. Happiness from within

7. Serenity

8. Openness

9.Compassion and mercy

10. Responsibility towards fellow beings

11. Belonging to nature

12. Optimistic attitude to life

13. life encouraging

14. Lack of over enthusiasm

15. Good habits

16. Going beyond time

17. Faith in oneself, others and God

18. Intuitive life

19. Reason is governed by responsibility and docility

20. Collaborative living

Being a social animal, man tends to be in company with others and most of the frustrations derive from his relationship with others. Those relationships lead to tension only when one finds that he is separate from them. The breaks in such rapports happen when one is trying to compete and compare with others. And when one tries to be in harmony with them considering others also a part of his own entity, this alienation  disappears. As a result others problems become his own. He is not happy when others suffer. On the other hand, he is sympathetic and shows empathy for them. And such a follower of kodangi sastra would never expect the behaviour from others. He is practicing ‘nishkamakarma'( action without desiring the fruit of one’s deeds. Rather, he does so because of his commitment to universal nature and law. His actions, words and thoughts are in harmony that he never contradicts them. He is in tune with his ego and others.

Therefore, he calls for a brotherhood and universal living although he never tries to impose his views on others. He tries to be a role model for them. To follow or reject his path is left to them. Moreover, he never condemns other’s life which are contradictory to his ideology. He incorporates them, includes them and leaves the option to see the light in him as he tries to be the light itself. Others would see their own personality in that light. He is self- illuminated and guiding star for those who are struggling in darkness and in finding light they would never feel inferior to him because he never shows his superiority.


The founder of Kodangisastra

The Founder of Kodangisastra

Kodangi sastra is invented, founded  and propagated by Kokoka Muni, who leads an ascetic life at Sakurundampara, a hill in Idukki district in Kerala, India. He is 70 years now and he had an eventful life till the age of 33. After 33, he retired from his so called domestic life ( he calls it, ‘Loukika jeevitham” which means ‘life in the world’.) Ever since he started living at Sankurundampara, which got its name because of a huge rock situated at the top of the hill, which can at anytime fall down causing damage to human lives and property, he found this life quite challenging and interesting.

He says, The para ( means ‘rock’) reminds me of the mortality of our lives. There’s a bliss in living  a life under threat every moment, as if tomorrow isn’t there for me, and that gives me energy and enthusiasm to celebrate each moment I have today.”

Ironically, he removes small portion soil beneath the rock, very secretly, with the intention of inviting his own destiny. Many disciples do gather in front of him and his cave under the rock has become a seat of wisdom and learning.

You may call him a ‘ a muni’, a  ‘sadhu’, ‘a wise man’, ‘an enlightened one’, and it’s indisputable that he would leave behind a legacy behind him. His sastra would be a solution for some crisis-es that the modern man faces.

Kodangi Sastra

It’s a sastra that is based on physical signs of one’s future. A person’s life is determined by the wrinkles, scars, shape of the forehead, size of the nose, hairs in the ear, place of the scars in different parts of the body, gap between teeth, hairs on the body, pimples, shape of the leg, height and weight of the person etc.

The future of a person can be predicted by reading all these ‘physical signs’ which are normally ignored by many people. They consider this sastra as a superstition. In fact, they have a clear say in the future well-being of a person. These signs in the body do determine his financial success, sexual orientation, personality traits, attitudes and aptitudes, success in married life, health, well being of his dear and near ones.

This sastra is based on a detailed study of different people, irrespective of his gender, caste, creed, social status, ethnicity, climate and so on. This sastra has been proved to be a good tool to analyse, interpret and predict a person per se. what one require to learn this sastra is an open mind to observe others. We often fail to notice others as we are too much self- oriented and self concerned. Physical phenomena would reveal the reality and the reality consists of present, past and future of  a person.

If you are a man with a long nose…

If you are a man with a long nose

You are suppose to be a doubting person- a skeptic..  You tend to doubt others. You will be famous for your stinchiness. You would spend money very carefully and live for it and die for it. Making money would be your sole motive in life.But You will die without using the money for your enjoyment. look at this personal observation:

“I am really self conscious about my nose, as a teenager I suffered a lot of name calling, ridicule, put downs about my nose, etc. Now in my mid 20s I still get some ridicule, the butt of jokes because of my nose, I am so insecure about it.. I have never had much confidence in my appearance because of my nose. I have had people call me ugly because of my nose is big – but those who said that were really mean people. I also overheard someone say that I would be ok if I didn’t have a big nose – which means I am not ok because of my nose. I just feel so self conscious of my nose and that when girls see me they automatically see I have a flaw in my appearance and could never look at me in terms of being interested in me”

If you have a scar on the right side of the neck …

If you have a scar on the right side of the neck ;

and if you are a male you will have a nice family life. You will enjoy living peacefully at home. You would never go abroad. You will be satisfied with what you have and what you are. You are a peace loving person to live with. You are humble and introverted.
On the other hand a female will be very exuberant. she will be very active and would be an extrovert. She would become famous.

If you are a man with a bulging forehead…

If you have a bulging forehead you tend to become very sincere, but adament individual. You wont be easily cheated by anybody. Rather, you would give enough thought to any endeavour. These people are Skeptic   and they have a doubting tendency. They doubt at everything. But once they believe somebody they remain steadfast and faithful to him/her.  But most of thier deeds would eventually bounce back on them. They will become pious and devoted to God towards the end of their lives. They keep an athestic outlook  in life during childhood and youth-hood.