sins that haunt one

Some sins take you to recess of your being,

making you disgusted, depressed and moody,,

It may take a long time to recover,

from guilt, remorse and feeling of pity.

It takes only a few seconds to fall prey to

one’s emotions and treacherous acts.


Life of man and woman

The greatest success of ‘man is-

to transcend his insatiable libido.

The purity of a ‘man’ lies

in his vision and not in shunning from lies.

The greatest success of a ‘woman’ is-

to transcend her enticements of this world.

The purity of  a ‘woman’  lies-

in her reason and not in shedding cries.

The greatest success in life is-

to feel contented, fulfilled and surprised.

The purity of the world lies-

in its devotion to justice and equality!


Story of rich man as told by many wise men

The rich man,

lived, existed and striven very hard,

to be one among those ‘coveted ones’,

who have all the materials comforts

and so called pleasures of the world,

at his fingertips.

The common man always looked at him

with envy and awe, and wet his mat with,

sweet dreams of being like him, and being

fulfilled in the dream and to find

having nothing on the following day !

The rich man on the other hand

worked day and night to multiply his money,

in fact, he was rolling on and on in his luxurious matress

and the arid walls of  air-conditioned room.

He was deprived of sleep,

he too was jealous of the poor man,

who has a sound sleep, so contented and happy

with few possessions, fearless and relaxed.

One day it happened as he was decorating his body

with the costliest cosmetics at a beauty parlor,

he found that one of his hairs changed its colour,

to alarm him of his imminent end.

The next day, going to the best superspeciality

hospital he asked for a full body scanning,

and found two more uninvited guests,

present in his body, diabetics and high blood pressure.

The smart doctors got a good prey to conduct many

experiment  on this guinea pig, whose body never knew

any major pain before.

He boasted to his visitors that only he could afford

to such a treatment available only in the First World countries.

The angel of death laughed on hearing this and said,

“the darkest world is awaiting for you,

here on earth you boast about the first world,

you might have heard the saying,

the first will be last and the last will be first. ”

His friends, wife and relatives shed crocodile tears,

as he died breathing his last, hearing the lamentations,

murmurings, negotiations and consolations of them.

The poor  man on the other hand,

led a careless life, but it was miserable,

in the eyes of the world.

As he was breathing  his last and

as the real cries of his

dear and near ones resounded

in the farthest horizons of his hut

the angel of death said, “my brother,

you may enter the door of heaven,

place that is prepared for you,

where you will be in bliss forever and ever”.

An Ode to forests

( It is a poem written by one of my students in IX standard- Master Varad Godase.Valuable suggestions are invited.)

Dark  was the night

Bright was the day

Deep was the sleep

In which life lay.

As the lights of creation

Filtered the morn

Life was awake and

As was the dawn.

Plants grew, and so did animals

Dewdrops trickle, glistened like pearls

Everything was merry and gay

under the shadow of the goddess ‘May’.

The creatures emerged,

they knew no worry.

The porcupines were spiny,

bears were furry.

God looked down,

about and thither:

‘was merry and happy:

or one of the either!

The God was happy

and then he cried.

Nope! These were tears of joy

of love that never died.

These dotted silver threads,

dropped from the heaven,

Supported the life below,

By making the land even.

Of all was well,

and was merry,

What was the need

For God to worry?

Noble were these animals

But someone had to govern;

Thus, man was created

And the council Adjourned.

Until now,

There had been no crises

but times changed as

life is but a game of dices.

As the days passed,

Man became lonely;

What he needed,

was a companion only.

Thus the God,

making the woman was seen

Man’s sole companion;

He-king and she-queen.

On and on passed the time

And they committed the greatest crime.

Forbidden they were

to eat the fruit of knowledge

God himself had tole

And made them take the pledge.

But curiosity, yes!

Curiosity got better of them.

Tasted a fruit;

Brought themselves a bad name.

Ashamed! yes, Ashamed they were

of their own nudity,

in this confusion;

forgot the nature’s beauty.

Banished, they were

by their own deity.

After all,

Hath they not broken the treaty?

On and on, Over and Over

They progressed in the arts.

The knowledge and the ideas

kept pricking them like darts.

Soon he learnt,

the art of farming.

And of fire,

which was very charming.

He learnt to use,

the wheels and Metals.

Forgot the delicacy

of a flower’s petals.

The shelter, he got

from caves and forests;

He considered himself

Superior and best.

Began to cut forests

indiscriminately and recklessly.

He used all the resources

quite much selfishly.

Centuries passed away

And he progressed with speed

Having not done,

a single good deed!

Warnings given,

he did not heed,

Having overcome by

Tremendous greed.

The forest now tortured,

turned to the gods for plea,

“The man”, said,

“Is troubling me,

“The man with is

machines and automobiles;

polluting the biosphere

with endless crimes. ”

“I hear the whole

brunt ;of impact.

O Gods! Save me,

Use some tact”

So the Gods

In their immense fury

send cyclones, Tornadoes

to crush cities to purity!

Tsunamis and Volcanoes

Fires and Earthquakes

People ran, putting

their live at stake.

Fulfilling his duty

m,an had forgot

A very good lesson

he was taught.

Man was sorry

and he did repent!

Decided to repair;

not leave a single tent.

Planting more trees,

stopping Deforestation,

Is what he made

his sole mission.

Gradually and slowly

Grew the forest cover;

It was s as if

nothing had happened ever.

All was happy,

merry and gay;

Nature restored,
in deep sleep the evil lay.

Man had learnt

how to repay,

Dark was the Night,

Bright was the day.


Clean life resolutions


To regain and recapture,

the purity, awareness, consciousness,

the depth of breath, energy, enthusiasm,

lost in one’s craving to indulge in the

sheer pursuit of worldly pleasures- those mundane

or profane satiation of pleasures,

which might have created a pseudo joy,

one needs to abstain, reiterate to oneself-

‘Your body is not real and it is just an

empty vessel or carrier of your soul,

which is pure, enlightened and contented.’

In fact our body is the initiator, sufferer of

‘such pervasions’ and ‘meaningless pursuits.,’

Life is not a target and the only desirable good

is not pleasure and happiness.

It is not in making oneself happy that the meaning of

life is unfolded, rather, it is in making others

happy and contented that you become happy

and satisfied.

The material possessions may give some sort of

transitory consolations but the eteranal joy of

one’s being is in being nobody and doing nothing

spectacular. It lies in leading a life without much

expectations of the fruits of one’s actions or efforts.



The fleshy heart

His blood was shed to the last drop,

Our sins of the past, present and future,

pierced into his heart like a bullet.

He however didn’t numb his tissues,

that each and every drop be shed.

The people who drank that blood

were purified, divined and blessed.

Their unquenchable thirst was quenched,

and they stopped going shelter-shelter.

He never cursed anyone but borne everyone,

on his Might Shoulder, his fleshy heart now

shines like  white dew and bright rising son,

His followers are clad in white and not in black,

because day in imminent and darkness vanished.

Christmas poem

Christmas eve and night,

with their fright of cold,

that instigate one to burn

the some  dried leaves and wood.

The fire within is for the one

who chose a manger than a mansion-

Was he teasing our extravaganza,

when we build 50 rooms for us

for two of us in this nuclear family.

He never taught anyone to retaliate,

but chose to be free from revenge,

enmity, hatred and a show.

He chose to be at the last place

for which nobody is envious.

Happiness to be happy???????????????????????????

He claimed to be the ‘happiest man in the world,

putting on a continuous smile on his white face.

He retires to be a recluse for three months per year,

and he comes back, to retain the same attire.

Possessing nothing and nobody, he doesn’t care

more than what he requires to be alive and happy.

Happiness has become his prime nature

it is no more a target but a value that keeps him alive!!!

Good morning – questions

The black night,

paves way for some white

and yellow rays,

making delays.

On the bed after coming to senses,

saying adieu to those dreams,

Start asking some questions,

‘Why am I alive today?’

Where was I yesterday?

What am I going to do today?’

Will it be yet another ordinary day?’

The answers are procrastinated to

the fainting hours of  dusk and night.