The pleasure lasted for some minutes

what lasted after that was a lost soul

with remorse and a heavy heart


Junk food corner

Moving into the food court of my school gives me a feeling of relishing different food delights- rightly named as ‘oodles and noodles’, ‘southern delights’ ‘cheesy burgers’, ‘chocolate toasts’, ‘chilli milli toasts’, ‘spicy vada paves’ ‘bhel puries and pani puries’ and the like. They are just bandwagons targeted at an intended audience, new generation that can never visualize a party without pizzas, soft drinks and burgers. It is their delight. The Facebook posts on detrimental facts of some food items scare some people for sometime, but the temptation of these food is more powerful than the rest. They are nagging. Once you start eating them you can help saying no to it.

The problem does not lie in the substance which they use to prepare these dishes. Rather it lies in the quantity of those substances which are beyond the set standard and limit. This is indisputable that these are mouth watering dishes. But where are they taking us? to the death bed, and an array of diseases. Can this new generation muster their courage to stand against this menace?

Life of man and woman

The greatest success of ‘man is-

to transcend his insatiable libido.

The purity of a ‘man’ lies

in his vision and not in shunning from lies.

The greatest success of a ‘woman’ is-

to transcend her enticements of this world.

The purity of  a ‘woman’  lies-

in her reason and not in shedding cries.

The greatest success in life is-

to feel contented, fulfilled and surprised.

The purity of the world lies-

in its devotion to justice and equality!


Diary of the grandmother of Sudha Murty.



Today when I touched the feet of my grandmother and when she gifted me the novel, Kashi Yatre, I was in fact elevated to the  heights of satisfaction and glory. I feel free and independent. My teacher has done a good job. I never thought that I could learn Kannada alphabet so soon. At this old age, it is  like a  great dream come true for me. Now I can explore the wonderful world of letters. I get immense pleasure in reading the books. As the novel depicts an old lady who takes after me, it represents the lives of many people. It will take me to different horizons of knowledge. After completing this novel I am going to read a few more books. Thank god before my death I will be able to read enormously. Now I realize the real meaning of freedom and independence. Learning has no barriers of age and gender. Anyone who is determined can learn to read and write. I now regret the days I spent in vain.

Story of rich man as told by many wise men

The rich man,

lived, existed and striven very hard,

to be one among those ‘coveted ones’,

who have all the materials comforts

and so called pleasures of the world,

at his fingertips.

The common man always looked at him

with envy and awe, and wet his mat with,

sweet dreams of being like him, and being

fulfilled in the dream and to find

having nothing on the following day !

The rich man on the other hand

worked day and night to multiply his money,

in fact, he was rolling on and on in his luxurious matress

and the arid walls of  air-conditioned room.

He was deprived of sleep,

he too was jealous of the poor man,

who has a sound sleep, so contented and happy

with few possessions, fearless and relaxed.

One day it happened as he was decorating his body

with the costliest cosmetics at a beauty parlor,

he found that one of his hairs changed its colour,

to alarm him of his imminent end.

The next day, going to the best superspeciality

hospital he asked for a full body scanning,

and found two more uninvited guests,

present in his body, diabetics and high blood pressure.

The smart doctors got a good prey to conduct many

experiment  on this guinea pig, whose body never knew

any major pain before.

He boasted to his visitors that only he could afford

to such a treatment available only in the First World countries.

The angel of death laughed on hearing this and said,

“the darkest world is awaiting for you,

here on earth you boast about the first world,

you might have heard the saying,

the first will be last and the last will be first. ”

His friends, wife and relatives shed crocodile tears,

as he died breathing his last, hearing the lamentations,

murmurings, negotiations and consolations of them.

The poor  man on the other hand,

led a careless life, but it was miserable,

in the eyes of the world.

As he was breathing  his last and

as the real cries of his

dear and near ones resounded

in the farthest horizons of his hut

the angel of death said, “my brother,

you may enter the door of heaven,

place that is prepared for you,

where you will be in bliss forever and ever”.

The gold frame by R.K Lakshman- humour revealed from anxiety and phobia

The other day, I was assigned with some classes for VIII Standard. I was very happy to glance through the Main Course Book, Buzzward Series. I found some fabulous collection of short stories. The first one, the above mentioned one gave me a great momentum. It seemed that the writer has deliberately used very good vocabulary which adds a lot of hum our aesthetic significance to the story.

The story evolves around Dutta, who runs ‘The Modern Frame Works” shop where the photos are framed.

Three realizations-A Sho

I was awake. I couldn’t sleep that night. I was rolling on my bed. It was ‘the third hour’. I was haunted by three things: – that dream, that boy, the river.

Was it a dream?

Was it that boy?

Was it the River?

He just looked at Anna. She was sound asleep. She always remained happy and contented. I wonder why she is so. After all, she has no children. She is barren. Yet it seems that small things make her happy, like food, a loving touch, a sleep, a gossip etc.

Life is a mystery. Some people are born with a natural contentment. They are the children of the god of simplicity. They seldom think about their existence. They simply exist-the existence per se. They are… They are… They are…as they are… Why don’t they think about the meaning of life? Are there people who think like me? Are there many seekers of meaning and truth? I have heard of Siddartha who became Buddha who used to ask such questions. He left the palace in search of truth. He sat under a tree and meditated. He realized himself and got enlightenment and he called it ‘nirvana’. I have also heard of Confucius who sought truth and gained some light. But it was Lao Tse who influenced me most. His idea of being is good. Just being . It is a sublimated existence right……?

Will that boy with golden hairs be there at Jordan still swimming in it?

Will he be able to withstand the cold?

Anyway, let me go and see…

It was a full moon day. I walked like a ghost to the river. As I neared it I could see a fireball. Yes. There is somebody beside it. Will that be that boy?

I could see a mob around a fireball and I was scared to go there. I returned home.

As I reached home I found Anna awake.

She asked, “Where did you go, I was anxious.”

“I went in search of a boy.”

“Where? Who is that boy?”

“At the river side.”


“I met him yesterday evening at the river. He was swimming across the Jordan. He attracted me. I wanted to talk to him. But I couldn’t. And It was haunting me throughout the night.”

“Why did you get up early?”

“I had a strange dream?”


“Yes. It was an incomplete one. You came and interrupted me.”

“Tell me what it was.”

She narrated her dream.

“It was a full moon day. I saw a beautiful lady dancing under an olive tree. She was ecstatic. It seemed as if she were waiting for somebody. Yes. I could hear what she was singing.

“I am the Joy,

With you My Lord,

I will be taken to more heights,

Clinging to your bosom tightly, so tightly,

I would fly to more heights,

When you take me to your vineyard,

Nourishing me with the sweetest wine,

With the water of love,

I would become an angel and fly,

With an unending joy,

And you,

With your blissful hand,

Would carry me to your bed too,

Where I will be elevated to heaven,

As today I have the sweetest fragrance,

Sweeter dreams than yesterday.

Will your vine bear your fruit?

Will I be that privileged one?

Will Yahweh have mercy on me?

Yes. With much love I wait for you,

Come my Lord come,

Take me to your abode,

Forever and ever”

“As she was singing, she continued, I saw a beautiful man approaching her. She hugged him. They remained there together for a while. And suddenly there was a great lightening and thunder. And I heard a voice from heaven-

“Woman, don’t cling to my beloved son. He has to go away. He has not been baptized in the Spirit. Wait patiently for his Second Coming. He will come back to you as my ‘prince’. And you will bear his fruits. You can drink the water of life to your heart’s content.”

And then you came and woke me up.

I too had a dream. I wanted to tell you.

“Oh. Great! What was it?

“I was worried after meeting the boy. I went to bed. I couldn’t sleep. But after sometime I was in sound sleep and I had a dream.”

“I saw a pregnant man. He was full of joy. He seemed to deliver a child. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He delivered a handsome boy. They (many people) stood in awesome wonder. As soon as the boy was born, it was resounded in heaven,

“I have sent my son to the world,

And I have also sent a person to prepare his way,

He will have to travel through unknown paths;

He may have to desert everything,

At last he will transcend everything.”

I woke up. And I wanted to look for the boy. I was curious to know whether that boy would be there at the riverside still swimming across it. And that is how I went to the bank of the river. I didn’t find him over there. He might have gone home. Anyway he had such a Piercing look. It seemed that he would answer some of my unanswered questions.

69 Commandments

Do not seek and pray,
to gods of the religions ,
for he/she is neither a man,
nor a woman nor an animal.
Prayers shouldn’t be for your sake,
and they are not just words to utter,
but are the blend of all your thoughts,
subsequent words and sublime deeds.
Do not go to any places of worship,
where you find stones, human figures,
monotonous rituals and arrogant priests
because the only place you need to visit
is your heart where you might find thoughts,
dreams, hopes, and memories of your life
from the womb to here and now.
Be not a conditioned devotee
but be an unconditional and unlimited
spiritual being-ever dynamic and united
with the flux of the mighty cosmos.
Do not brood over the past,
but say good bye to the old ones;
for each moment is a new ritual.
Do not bribe the omniscient and the omnipotent God
as you do for men,
for your gains,possessions and cures, either material, or physical, or spiritual.

Be not a follower of any Guru.
Your intuition and reason will guide you.
Do not harm anything or anybody
because by doing so you are hurting yourself.
There is nothing outside of you.
Everything is within you.
Don’t be a coward that you don’t take risks.
Be courageous enough to travel
in an unbeaten and unseen path.
Do not be cunning and shrewd
as it would deprive you of sleep and peace.
Have not a heart of negative thoughts;
it will eventually ruin you.
Do not worry about the present, past or future.
Leave them as they are and live.
Be not a follower of any ideology coined by man/woman.
Instead of following just be another one.
Do not be dogmatic and conditioned by any concept.
Do not run after money,
or material possessions,
it will kill your real being.
Do not a please others,
nobody can be pleased by anybody.
However be a peace maker.
Do not associate with people,
who are narrow minded and fundamentalist.
Have not many material possessions,
that prevents you from visiting and exploring the world.
Do not eat too much that it may cut short your life.
Eat only when you are hungry
and drink only when you are thirsty.
Be not a friend of everybody; but be friendly with all.

Have an inquisitive mind that is never tired of knowing, willing and feeling.

Do not use the electronic gadgets more than two hours of a day’s life.

Be not a vegetarian thrice in week.

Do not speak always. Spend some time for meditation and thinking.

Do not underestimate yourself; because others are there to do it.

Do not cheat yourself; for it requires a lot of inhuman behaviour from your part. To be sincere is your basic nature.

Do not speak when you are not asked to speak ; sometimes, silence better than words.

Do not think positively, for it won’t generate alternatives for your action.

Don’t be afraid to fail, for failures teach more lessons than successes.

Have not a habit that curtails your freedom to be what you are.

Do not borrow or lend money or materials to satisfy your greed, and maintain your status qua; by doing you are making enemies to you.

Do not exercise according to a scheduled plan; but lead an active life to exert.

Do not preach; for nobody heeds what you say, they listen to only what they want to hear.

Do not give power to women, they will exploit it.

Be not smarter than others which will make others jealous of you, for they will try to oppress you.

Do not work hard than what is expected of you because it would exhaust yourself.

Do not carry others burden because each one has to carry his own burden.

Do not interfere in others lives unless something risks their lives, for by interfering you are curtailing their freedom.

Do not listen to gossips and rumours because language and words have a lot of things to say with one’s personality and perspective in life. Truth is far away from both of them.

Do not live as if you are going to die tomorrow don’t learn as if you are to live for ever.

Do not love yourself conditionally that you may not be happy.

Don’t try to divide people by your words, deed and thoughts, instead, bridge the gaps between them.

Do not expect anything from cheap people but try to show them the reality/truth and goodness by showing mercy to them.

Do not always think about your quest to be happy; but think about your death, old age and diseases.

Do not be a man of loose words; for others will scoff you as good for nothing.

Do not sacrifice the time you get for sleep and dream for they do actualize most of your wishes and desires.

Do not begin each day with too much zeal and enthusiasm for we don’t know what the day is going to offer us.

Do not struggle to exist in any situation, but try to exist for being is important than becoming.

Do not give undue importance to anybody in your life for thier loss will bring in pain, and trauma in you.

Do not start anything that you can not complete, for doing nothing is better than aborting something half-way.

Do not rely on other’s intuitions but go ahead with yours. Intuitions belong to those who are pure and honest.

Do not try to prove yourself because nobody else is interested in that. Each one is ultimately trying to prove oneself.

Do not try to change others; but be the change.

Do not judge a person with his words but judge with his intentions.

Do not compromise with a good life for it is very rare to find.

Do not make money for yourself, let others do it for you.

Do not be jealous of a bad man because he might reap the fruit of his own folly.

Do not be dogmatic for they are made by men and sanctioned either by religion and science which are dynamic and ever growing.

Do not blindly follow any Scriptures of the past because they don’t shed light into your present.

Be present where your presence is required and be absent from where you are irrelevant.

Do not laugh in front of cheap people, for they will try to make you cry.

Have not a good book with you, they don’t teach you anything, they only preach you. Instead have a bad friend, or one who criticizes you and he will teach you a lesson.

Do not always try to succeed for it will kill your spirit to live.

Do not intend or meditate, or say
or act anythings that harm anybody or anything
physically, psychologically, socially and culturally.

Do not strive for perfection
because the universe itself is a chaos,
although we perceive it as a cosmos.

Do not be reluctant to talk or to converse,
or to articulate for everything originated from
the word and will end in the word.

Nothing is dangerous in the world for our thinking makes them so.

Don’t talk about your feelings beacuse nobody cares and listens to them. Others are interested in sad stories about you.


Let money make money for you. Let the sound of breath be louder than the sounds outside.


The greatest commandment in life is the flexibility to change.

9 useful websites for English Grammar

Hi friends,

The following pages I scanned through during my career as a teacher and found them useful to those who master English grammar for accuracy and fluency in English Language.



The easy path to destruction in one’s life and other’s life is complacency. It can be easily misunderstood as happiness and contentment. However, it is a demon in disguise. It makes one obstinate and easy-going. One stops growing when he has such an attitude in life. It is a brother of self-righteousness.

Complacency is a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements. This link  will definitely shed much light into the harmfel effects of this attitude.

some useful links:-

Why Being Complacent Will Ruin Your Life

This video showcases craftfully the dangers of complacency.

The following video shows how it ruins relationships.



The video below shows another truth about it.